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About our Rib of beef

Dry aged and fully matured for 28 days, our steaks are prepared by our own expert butchers where we can control the quality of every cut. Our traditional, native breed beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus cattle graze clover-rich meadows in the summer; over winter they graze outside on fodder crops like turnips, kale and fodder beet. We bring them into straw barns so that we can keep a closer eye on them they are calving. Their diet is pasture-based diet (mainly grass and with some home-grown barley and peas to give them the perfect finish). Our calves remain with their mothers until they are seven months old. Our grass-fed beef is high in Omega 3 and the natural marbling of the native breeds means that the flavour is outstanding. We are proud to be ‘Red Tractor’ Farm Assured and accredited as a ‘high-health’ herd.

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